sexta-feira, 6 de março de 2009

"there is a reason you can’t find true love on a television show.

because it grows best in the quiet timeswhen there are no cameras, no prying eyes, no people there to watch it.

It grows in the slow breaths and long silences of a car ridein the short distance between his shoulder and mine.

Real love is not a fairy tale.It is not perfect.It is flawed and difficultit hurts like hell sometimes.

Real love takes weeks and months and years to become.It knows the story behind the scars on your ribcage,your greatest fear,and what you looked liked at seven.

True love isn’t a’s the most unforced and natural of all life’s possibilities.It’s what happens when you let go of precedents and expectationsand reveal all of yourself, privately and wholly to another soul.

Save tv shows for design contests and cook offs, let love alone."

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